Brought to you by Yogi Sharp DipWcf Bsc(Hons) - "The Equine Documentalist" with the help of Sam Fowler DipWCF. We are farriers in the U.K. with a passion for furthering our own education and sharing that knowledge along the way. 

Yogi is studying for a PhD in Farriery. The Equine Documentalist was born as a result of his recognition of the importance of getting the research from the shelves of the universities, to the people on the ground. From farriers to practitioners, to vets and owners. Also purely due to his love of research and the horse.

As well as a keen researcher, author and educator, Yogi is a busy working farrier in Sussex. Shoeing the most elite high goal Polo ponies in the summer, and also rehabilitation and remedial shoeing. 

Sam is a farrier in Norfolk, but also has a vast experience in web development, digital marketing and videography, having worked with large YouTube channels in the past. He will be any technical support you need, and help any course creators to make the most engaging courses, to help deliver unrivalled CPD.