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Recently there have been studies quantifying anecdotal links between poor hind hoof morphology and higher pathologies along the dorsal myofascial line. The causation of this relationship has remained elusive. The recent studies have suggested kinematic research to try and elucidate the causation, however, they have also alluded to postural adaptations in horses presenting with poor hind hoof balance but have not quantified or elaborated further on this point. To unravel causation, outlining the extent of the links between hind hoof imbalance and dysfunction, extending into the trunk of the horse, along the dorsal myofascial line, is indicated. This study sought to suggest concurrent links, to be established through further research, and to begin to quantify the adapted posture suggested by the previous research. Although the previous studies only mentioned posture as an observation, it could be suggested that posture is the important link and understanding its causation could be the beginning of understanding the wider relationships.

    1. Abstract

    1. The postural link between negative plantar angles and pathology along the dorsal myofascial lines using thermography

    1. Live Q&A with Yogi Sharp, September 22, 7:00 PM BST

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