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The study is based on previous work which used 23 horses and showed that only the trimming of feet improved the horse’s symmetry during movement. Historically it has been advised that horses need regular trimming, no longer than every 6 weeks and it is common practice for farriers to advise their clients that this is the recommended treatment. This study was undertaken to establish the optimum time between trims by observing and measuring the following: Does the horse move with greater symmetry following the trim? How long does this benefit last? What is the optimum time between trims to benefit the locomotion of the horse? The hypothesis and approach for this study was that a standardised trimming protocol will improve the movement symmetry of the horse during locomotion and that the results gained will give the optimum trimming cycle for the horse over time to gain maximum movement symmetry from the trim. The study research approach was undertaken using both quantitative and experiential research methods. The study consisted of 26 horses, 17 mares and 9 geldings, aged 1.5 to 18 years. The horses had an inertial sensor system (ISS) fitted which recorded movement symmetry data pre-trim, post trim and after 2, 4 and 6 weeks. The results showed there was a statistically significant difference in forelimb asymmetry between pre-trim and week 4 and 6 with an increase in asymmetry. No significance was seen in movement symmetry in the hindlimbs. In conclusion, a standardised trimming protocol was associated with a significant increase in forelimb asymmetry and no significant change in hindlimb asymmetry. These results were unexpected and further research is warranted to understand these. It is possible that application of a standardised trimming protocol to this population of horses is not appropriate.

    1. Abstract

    1. The effect of trimming on movement over time in domestic horses measured with an inertial sensor

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