Farriery has entered a new, more evidence-based era. Anecdote and tradition are now being quantified and we are passionate about science being the base for the daily practice of hoof care around the globe. Finding that science can be difficult, so we are bringing it to you! You’ll learn about how the body mass and height influence conformation and symmetry, what are the effects of various shoe clip applications on the hoof wall, how hoof balance affects and is affected by equine posture, what are the modern measuring systems useful to farriers and much more! Times will be released closer to date. Profits will go toward future research. The event goes live on September 10th at 5 PM BST.

  • Approx 20 lectures, with a quick Q&A with the speaker (if available) after the lecture is played.

  • CPD certificates with hours of attendance will be available after the event (approx 20 hours of lectures).

  • Most talks will remain available to keep on your hub dashboard forever. Others will only be available for 2 weeks due to licensing agreement with the speaker.

Course curriculum

    1. Paul Horner - The effect of trimming on movement over time in domestic horses measured with an inertial sensor

    2. Ramon Batalla - How to manage the low foot with a rocker shoe

    3. Yogi Sharp - The postural link between negative plantar angles and pathology along the dorsal myofascial lines using thermography

    4. Hilary M. Clayton - When hoof meets the ground

    5. Recording of the Live Q&A with Dr. Hilary Clayton

    6. Patrick Reilly - Farrier Research - what tool for the job? A primer on equine sensors

    7. Recording of the Live Q&A with Pat Reilly

    8. Karen Gellman - Quantification of Normal Neutral Posture (NNP) in Horse

    9. Recording of the Live Q&A With Dr. Karen Gellman

    10. Daniel Harman - The effects of caudal support on the plantar angle of the distal phalanx and hind limb symmetry

    11. Recording of the Live Q&A session with Daniel Harman

    12. Maarten Oosterlink - Pressure plate analysis of hoof balance !! AVAILABLE ONLY UNTIL SEPT.24 !!

    13. David Hallock - An investigation into the equine digital cushion !! AVAILABLE ONLY UNTIL OCT.8 !!

    14. Recording of the Live Q&A with David Hallock

    15. Juergen Gotthardt - Study on the footings at the take off canter, a comparison with open hind shoe and frog support hind sport shoe

    16. Recording of the Live Q&A with Juergen Gotthardt

    17. Toby Daniels - Study to find an alternative accurate measuring method of the joints of the hind limb without the use of skin markers

    18. Recording of the live Q&A with Toby Daniels

    19. Maarten Oosterlink - Current concepts on biomechanical basics of therapeutic farriery !! AVAILABLE ONLY UNTIL SEPT.24 !!

    20. Tim Shannon - An examination of the relationship between horn tubule growth direction and the articular and distal planes of the coffin bone

    21. Recording of the Live Q&A with Tim Shannon

    22. Stephen Teichman - The effect of front shoe surface modifications in the sport horse on the speed of breakover during the walk and trot on artificial surfaces

    23. Recording of the Live Q&A with Stephen Teichman

    24. Karolina Kalka - An investigation of the shape of the lateral aspect of the hoof capsule in hindlimbs, its relationship with the orientation of the distal phalanx and comparison with forelimb hoof capsule conformation

    25. Recording of the Live Q&A with Karolina Kalka

    26. John Stewart - The Angles of the foot: Is there a consistent relationship between the coronary band and the hoof capsule and distal phalanx

    27. Recording of the Live Q&A with John Stewart

    28. Kirsty Lesniak - The influence of body mass and height on equine hoof conformation and symmetry

    29. Recording of the Live Q&A with Kirsty Lesniak

    30. Tom Smith - Can three dimensional imaging be utilised to quantify hoof morphology

    31. Recording of the Live Q&A with Tom Smith

    32. Nia Angharad Cooke - If the shoe fits, should the horse wear it? A proteomic analysis of the shod and unshod equine hoof

    33. Recording of the Live Q&A session with Nia Angharad Cooke

    34. Uno Yxklinten - An investigation into the current hoof balance parameters and the quantification of a new hoof balance paradigm

    35. Uno Yxklinten - How do different shoes affect the force-distribution on the solar surface of the hoof?

    36. Recording of the Live Q&A with Uno Yxklinten

    1. The International Farriery Research Symposium 2022 - Conference Proceedings

    1. Feedback (Please do not complete until after the event to receive CPD certificate)

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