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Webinar with Tuulia Luomala.
Tuulia Luomala is a physiotherapist with extensive training and experience with fascia and fascia related therapies.
Tuulia graduated in 2000 as a physiotherapist and in 2002 as an animal physiotherapist. She has been learning Pilates, Feldenkrais and other movement therapies. Lymphatouch, acupuncture and kinesiotaping are modalities that she is using in her practice with fascial techniques. She has been learning many fascial treatment methods such as fascial release with Thomas Myers, structural integration with Robert Schleip, fascial manipulation with Stecco Family and osteopathic techniques with various teachers. She is also a manipulative physiotherapist (Maitland concept), graduated in 2010.
Tuulia has participated in many conferences and presented abstracts and workshops during the events. For example Pelvis and low back pain Congress, Fascia Research Congress, International symposium of veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy and Osteopathic conferences. Tuulia has been dissecting equine and canine cadavers since 2013. She has been conducting workshops of animal dissection around Europe. She has been evolving animal fascial manipulation Method as an extension of fascial manipulation by Luigi Stecco. Tuulia is a teacher of animal fascial manipulation Method and she has been teaching this method around the world. She has written articles and books about fascia. For example A Practical guide to fascial manipulation: An evidence- and clinical-based approach, Elsevier, 2016. Tuulia participated in a fascial plastination project in Guben, Germany, 2018. This project led to the exhibition of plastinated fascial pieces. Exhibition was part of the Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, 2018. At the moment she is writing a book about equine and canine fascial system together with Vibeke Elbrønd, Mika Pihlman and Rikke Schultz.

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