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The equine digital cushion is believed to have roles in shock absorption, weight distribution, and vasculature return. Several theories prevail as to how the digital cushion functions in these roles but previous studies into the digital cushion have been reported as though all digital cushions are the same. The aim of this study is to quantify the possible variables within the digital cushion and to locate external landmarks to aid in the evaluation of the internal digital cushion. This study used 25 cadaver limbs that were preserved fresh in a 10% formalin mixture. Digital pictures of each hoof were taken so that 9 external measurements could be used for evaluation to correlate with the internal structures. Measurements of the external heel bulb were also manually taken and compared to the internal tissue. Histological slides were used for the evaluation of the varying tissues within the DC. The distribution of the tissues through the digital cushion follows predictable patterns. Under the center of rotation, there is a higher percentage of collagen fibers. Also, there is more collagen distally within the digital compared to proximally. Hoof width, buttress width, and external heel bulb measurements are statistically p 0.1 relevant in the prediction of the organization of the digital cushion. The organization and distribution of the tissues within the digital cushion indicate that the different areas function differently to complete the roles that the digital cushion is expected to fulfill.

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