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Biomechanics is an important subject which has been vastly researched since the late 1800 with use of some of the first cameras. There are a lot of evidence showing the inaccuracy in the use of skin-based markers, the current process is to accept the inaccuracy or adjust using an algorithm preconceived using a single subject horse. This study looks at an alternative form of measurement system in which to calculate even the hardest of joints, the hip joint. The aims of this study are to obtain a quantifiable working protocol for measuring joint angles of the hind limb, in particularly with out the use of skin-based markers. This data can be used to create a structured way of joint angle measurements without the inaccuracy risk. The objective of the study was to identify whether the measurement standards had an increase in accuracy to the regularly used form, using skin markers.

    1. Abstract

    1. Study to find an alternative accurate measuring method of the joints of the hind limb without the use of skin markers

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