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During every stride the horse takes, each limb has a stance phase when the hoof is in contact with the ground and a swing phase when the limb swings forward in preparation for the next stance phase. During the stance phase the hoof interacts with the ground to generate ground reaction forces that are responsible for the speed and direction of the horse’s movement. The same forces that are necessary for athletic performance may also cause repetitive use injuries, such as degenerative joint disease, flexor tendinitis and suspensory desmitis. The likelihood of incurring an injury depends on the horse’s hoof and limb mechanics as well as the physical properties of the surface material. This talk will explore how the hoof interacts with the surface throughout the stance phase and how properties such as the hardness and shear resistance of the surface material affect the likelihood of different types of injuries.

    1. Abstract

    1. When the Hoof Meets the Ground

    1. Recording of the Live Q&A with Dr. Hilary Clayton

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