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This presentation discusses the importance of neutral posture in horses and describes an on-going project to quantify normal and abnormal postures in horses by Maximum Horsepower Research. Topics include: the basis for postural control, how we attempted to quantify equine posture and the role of hoof balance in an in vivo experiment, then using a mathematical model to measure neuromuscular effort and equilibrium stability in different limb positions. Finally we raise discussion questions on hoof trim standardization for research— how without using specific hoof trim methodology, equine gait and posture research is comparing apples to oranges.

    1. Abstract

    1. Quantification of Normal Neutral Posture (NNP) in Horses

    1. Live Q&A with Dr. Karen Gellman, September 17, 10:30 AM EDT

    2. Recording of the Live Q&A with Dr. Karen Gellman

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