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Reasons for performing the study Many studies have investigated the relationship of the hoof to the distal/third phalanx (P3). Although researchers have started to include the coronary band angle in their studies, they have not investigated the relationship of the coronary band to the hoof or P3. Objectives: To investigate the angles put forward by Strasser in 2000: Specifically, to identify the veracity of the coronary band to dorsal wall angle (CDA) of 105⁰ in front feet and the angle between the coronary band and the distal border of P3 (CPA) of 30⁰ in fronts and hinds. Methods: The feet of randomly selected front and hind cadaver limbs were documented photographically and radiographically. Angle measurements of the coronary band, the hoof and P3 were recorded and compared statistically. Physical features were identified and tested for possible associations with the angles measured.

    1. Abstract

    1. The Angles of the Horse’s Foot: Is there a consistent relationship between the coronary band and the hoof capsule and to the distal phalanx? Assessing Strasser’s Angles.

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